Monday, June 22, 2015

Sump pump backup

For those who have a sump pump, Ryan Homes strongly suggests you have a backup battery installed. Why?  Well, if the power goes out, the sump pump won't work and your basement might take on water. Or something like that. 

I heard that the sump pump failed to work in my neighbors house and his basement filled up with water so I decided to bite the bullet and have it done.  

Here is the picture of the completed work ... I have no clue how this works, I just hope it does. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

A few improvements ...

We had a backsplash installed last week along with under cabinet lighting. We also followed the advice of our PM and bought a dehumidifier. We are also going to have a sump pump backup installed. We heard that 2 of our neighbors already had their basements flood due to sump pump failure so we think this a good idea. 

The new driveway is awesome and we just love the trash in the yard!

Last week our new driveway and sidewalk were poured and it looks great. We are so thankful to have this done and next up is the final grade. We will not have a lawn installed until the fall so that should give us enough time to clean up the trash left on our lawn. I'm not saying that the crew that poured the driveway left the trash but the trash showed up the same day as the driveway. 

This next one is my favorite. The pretty green color on the Newport cigarette pack looks nice with our tan house.