Monday, June 1, 2015

The new driveway is awesome and we just love the trash in the yard!

Last week our new driveway and sidewalk were poured and it looks great. We are so thankful to have this done and next up is the final grade. We will not have a lawn installed until the fall so that should give us enough time to clean up the trash left on our lawn. I'm not saying that the crew that poured the driveway left the trash but the trash showed up the same day as the driveway. 

This next one is my favorite. The pretty green color on the Newport cigarette pack looks nice with our tan house. 


  1. I really like the concrete driveway! Ours is not included with the build. We are debating between concrete and asphalt. Tough choice with price being a factor!


  2. William, your house is looking great - congrats! It is odd to hear how RHs includes different things in different markets. We don't get a lawn but I've read blogs from other home buyers where people get lawns, decks, etc.

  3. There is trash all over our yard as well, which is had to understand as there is a GIANT dumpster on the lot. Is it really that difficult to walk five feet and throw it away! I wonder who gets that crappy job of cleaning up the yard. Your driveway and walkway turned out great though. I like how they curved it instead of squaring it off.

  4. I get it that these guys are working hard and I could get past a little bit of trash here and there but clearly they just don't care about cleaning things up. And it makes me wonder if anyone is supervising.

    Oh well ... moving on.

  5. Just an FYI. I've read people request all the rocks and stones left over from the driveway install be removed. People complained it made for patchy grass growth areas. We get no sod either. It makes such a difference. Wish they did this. Your place is coming a long nice!