Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts on the foyer light and that really awesome flat wall paint!

Our house is great and our PM did a great job with the build.  I do not have any real complaints so if anyone from Ryan Homes is reading this - please take this as "improvement feedback".

The Wall Paint

Anyone who has built a RH will tell you that they use a flat, off-white paint on the walls that will get scuff marks if you look at them wrong.  Did you hit the wall with a box when moving in? Did the dog rub against the wall?  Scuff marks galore.  Don't bother trying to clean them off - just cover the scuff mark with some more paint.

Would it really be that big of a deal for RH's to use a wall paint that wasn't so cheap? Could it at least be an option to buy a better grade of paint?  I know they will sell you a different color flat paint, but I don't think it is a better grade.

I'm guessing RH's uses this paint for 2 reasons - 1. It is cheap; 2. Flat paint hides the flaws.

The paint color is fine but the grade of paint is FLAT awful.  Pun intended. 

Foyer Light

We love the light fixture, but how the heck am I going to change the bulbs?  Maybe they can change all of them at our 10 month check up.  Anyone buiding a RH's with a high foyer may want to see if they have any other options available - or perhaps they can throw in a ladder.


  1. Hi Matt - I really liked reading through your blog. My wife and I are building in the same development, but don't break ground for about another month. Not sure if you had anymore tips, advice, or words of caution to share, but we appreciate any additional insight you have! My email is

  2. I have to laugh - I had the same question for our PM. His suggestion? Rent a ladder!

    1. I think when we have the interior painted we will have the painters replace the bulbs!