Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The NIGHTMARE that is General Electric

When you buy a RH you have to take whatever kitchen appliances they include with the build. Here in NE Ohio they include GE appliances. We decided to upgrade the dishwasher, stove, and microwave and then we bought a GE fridge so the stainless would match. The appliances look great but that's about it. 

Note: this post is more of a rant because I dislike GE but there is a helpful tip in the event you have a similar problem when building with RHs. 

The Fridge

Our fridge kept shutting off and the only way it would turn back on was to hit the breaker. It happened once so we didn't think much of it and then it happened again only this time, hitting the breaker didn't help. We called GE and the repairman said that the fan didn't work and that this was a common problem on our model.  I'm so glad the sales person at Lowes told us that before we bought it!

Anyway, we lost all of our food and if something like that happens, you need to call GE's insurance company for a refund.  As a 'courtesy' they will give you $100 for lost food.  Gee, thanks.

Now onto the bigger problem - the dishwasher.

The Dishwasher

The upgraded dishwasher failed.  Big time.  We noticed that there was some water leaking out the side of the door so we stopped running it and called GE.  What we came to realize was, the water also leaked underneath the appliance and ruined about 30 sq feet of our hardood floor.

We called Ryan Homes and to their credit the service manager called back  right away. He said we needed to determine if this was a part failure or an install failure.  If it had been an install problem, RHs would have taken care of everything but if it was a part failure, it would be our headache to deal with.  The GE repairman said it was a part failure so we would need to file a claim with the GE insurance company.  After about a month, the floor did get repaired but what a PITA.  GE brings terrible appliances to life.

The bad part ...

The ruined floor ...

The floor has been replaced and the food in the fridge is nice and cool so all is well.  Next time we buy appliances, I think we will consider a different brand.  Any suggestions?


  1. Yikes. We are getting GE appliances, too (just the standard RH package). I hope we don't have the same issue. :(

  2. *Knock on wood* we haven't had issues with the dishwasher or stove (and I can't remember what brand our fridge is offhand) but we did have issues with the microwave. It annoys me the warranty on the appliances is only one year. I feel like it should be at least two. GE however has sent us a number of notices about buying an extended protection plan. If we have to replace anything it won't be with GE for sure.

  3. Me and my wife love LG appliances. Great warranties, good CS and competitive prices. This blog will help us alot, we're building a with Ryan Homes (a Venice). And tomorrow is the final day we will go over last changes and up grades. Just got pre approved Monday.

  4. Hi, I just discovered your blog and sorry to hear about the this problem. :-) So sorry. When we built our Rome we opted for the Advantium version of GE's brand. We loved the appliances especially the double oven because it would clean the entire oven. No hands. Loved it. I would definitely get the extended warranty. I am a Samsung girl. We opted to get the standard fridge from RH and put it in the garage and purchased a Samsung fridge and upgraded to the highest appliance package for the other items that RH offered. I believe in warranties especially with the lame one year warranty that they offer. We are building another home. Please feel free to join our site at ourlangleytwo.blogspot.com We also still have our other blog up from the Rome that offers tips to view at ricknadase.blogspot.com Look forward to following your continued journey.