Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Did anyone order a giant pile of lumber?

As promised, our lumber arrived today and the plan is for framing to start by the end of the week. Things are happening fast. I guess we should make the appointment to pick out our granite slab, it looks like RH is moving quickly. 

Sorry for the terrible pics - the sunlight and my terrible camera phone do not produce good results. 


  1. It's pretty amazing how quickly they frame these things. They've really got it down to an exact science. Not sure how it works with having a basement but on houses with crawlspaces the same thing applies to building the foundation. I watched the crew build the one next door over the summer. It was about ten guys out there and every one of them had a specific job. They had it done in about six hours and then went down the street and did a second one before the end of the day.

  2. They sure don't mess around. Time clearly is money I suppose.

  3. Its always so exciting to get the wood. Time goes fast, enjoy your build :)