Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Model home pictures

We found a Ryan Homes development in Medina that had our floor plan as the model home ... here are a few model pics:

The view from the morning room to the kitchen:

The cabinets and granite are the same we selected for our house.  For those building a RH, we asked our PM to not put the 4" return on the granite - we would rather have a backsplash instead

A view from the kitchen to the mudroom

Kitchen view of the great room - our fireplace will be stone from floor to ceiling - we didn't even realize that you could only do stone half way up the wall

Here is a view of the finished basement ... our 6 year old has claimed the entire space for herself


  1. Looks nice! I love that arch doorway.

    1. Thanks! Glad to see that you were able to find siding colors and stone that you like - the house will look awesome!