Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pre-drywall meeting set and another change order

We broke ground on December 23rd and the pre-drywall meeting is set for February 13th. That's 52 days so I think they are right on schedule. I will post several pictures of the walk-through.

We did have one last minor change to the house - the kitchen backsplash.  For those building a RH, we found out that they usually install a 4" granite backsplash on your kitchen countertops but you can request they do not add this. We decided we'd rather install a full backsplash down the road. 

Everything else seems to be moving along as planned. They poured the basement floor and installed the HVAC and I think electrical is next, then insulation. 


  1. Do they give a credit for the granite they don't install?

  2. We're at Day 50 from Pre-Construction Meeting... hopefully I can get a Pre-Drywall date soon, so I can schedule a private home inspector to see it. Any idea if you can easily remove that 4" backsplash in the future?

  3. Congrats! That is very exciting! I still can't believe how quickly this process is coming together! And good call on the backsplash.

  4. They do give a credit as it saves them cutting and labor time, definitely lobby for justice if they give you a hard time on that. After the backsplash is up, yes it is removable but not without what could be significant drywall casualties. The adhesive is a commercial construction glue and is pretty durable.

  5. We were told about the granite trim at our flooring meeting , although we are opting for the backsplash to be installed. I'm surprised reading many buyers aren't told this upfront.
    So, we can make changes after the MSS was all submitted? I thought everything was final once that was submitted on or around Day 21? We are in the beginning phase so I'm just trying to research what give and take we have for down the road. Thanks!

  6. Thank you all for the feedback - all of your blogs and comments have been most helpful along the way.

    The granite is standard in our development so I don't think they will give us a credit for not having the, install the 4" backsplash.

    I think they agreed to another change because this change does not include more work for them.

  7. We are building a Ryan home and blogging about it too. Would you add us to your list?



    1. Nick, congrats on the new build! I'll be sure to follow your progress. Best of luck, Matt