Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Our pre-drywall meeting was this last Friday and everything went well.  Below are some pictures I took (terrible lighting) and notes from our home inspector.  Oh, here is a tip for anyone building a RH in cold weather - when you go to the pre-drywall meeting, it will most likely be really cold in the house.  Not sure why this didn't occur to us but the house was freezing inside and since they didn't have the insulation up yet, it makes sense.  Live and learn.

The meeting lasted about an hour and our PM took us through the house and explained the work they have done so far.  We also verified that Guardian placed our cable connections in the right places.  During the walk-through I noticed that one of the archways was slightly askew and our PM agreed and said it would get fixed (they use a metal arch and then drywall over it - see pic below).

Our home inspector then arrived and he went through the house.  He pointed out some things he really liked and then sent us a report of what he thought RH's should correct.  Most of what he found were things that the builders simply did not get to yet.  For example, the holes in the foundation where the service lines enter the house had not yet been sealed.  His two biggest suggestions were:

1.  The shingles were installed without a drip edge.  I was told that RH simply does not do this and the shingle manufacturer does not require one during installation.  

2.  The subfloor should be secured with screws to lessen the chance of having squeeky floors.  RH apparantly secures the subfloors with nails and glue and they will not use screws.

There were a few other "problems" he found that our PM is looking into (one of the water lines is touching duct work and a couple of 2x4's were cut short in the basement).  Overall there were not too many issues found during the inspection so we feel good about the build to this point.

Here are some pictures - sorry about the lighting.

A view from the master into the hallway.  If you look closely, you can see how the metal archway is off just a little bit.

Looking out from the master bathroom into the bedroom.

The great room.  The fireplace is already installed as well.

The morning room and the framing of the kitchen island.

Master bathroom shower.

Small but I suppose important detail - instead of using the hard PVC pipe for the water lines, they now use a flexible tube that is supposed to be more durable.  Our home inspector was happy to see this.


  1. Awesome. When do they plan on starting Sheetrock?

  2. Thanks! They actually started hanging drywall today. And our PM called to say they fixed up the issues we found during the inspection.

  3. Thanks for the update. Now I know a few more items to look out for.
    I asked our SR, who asked the PM, and was told they screw and glue subfloors down here (Central Ohio). Maybe it's a regional thing.

    1. It must be regional - glad to hear they are doing that on your floors. Hope the build is coming along nicely. Take care.

  4. Thanks for doing this blog! My husband and I are hoping to build the same model when our neighborhood start selling homes! It's so hard to find any other Dunkirk blogs! Looking forward to seeing all your progress, congratulations!

    1. Glad it is helpful. We found that they have changed the Dunkirk model several times and ours is version 8 which is fairly new. I think the big differences are the kitchen island layout and now the laundry room is on the second floor.

      Good luck with the build!