Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Floor plan

From the top down ...

Upstairs layout - not many sturctural choices for the upstairs.  Because we bumped the great room by 4', the master is also extended by 4'.  We also took out the tub in the master bathroom.

Here is the first floor.  We bumped the great room out 4 feet and added the morning room (does anyone build a R.H. without the morning room?).  Ours will have a front porch so it will look a little different.

Finally the basement.  Finished with a full bath.  I'm told, this is where I will be showering.


  1. I love the family entry in your floor plan

  2. Thanks! The older version of our model had the laundry in the family entry but this newer version has the laundry upstairs. A lot has changed with the updated version - I wish Ryan Homes would update their online pics and videos to match.

  3. I like your floor plan. Kind of wish our Ravenna floor plan didn't have a living room like yours. I feel it won't be utilized.

  4. I am in the beginning stages....any recommendations?

  5. Is there anyone out there in the beginning stages of their new Dunkirk Home?