Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rite Rug

We worked with a great sales rep who helped us pic our floors 

This is the tile that will be in all of the bathrooms (except the 1/2 bath on the first floor) and the wall tile on the master bath shower.  

Our carpet for the great room and the hardwood floors on the rest of the first floor.  The carpet was level c and the hardwood is level c as well.  We picked the hand-scraped brown bear hardwood

This is the basement carpet - level b

This is the carpet for the upstairs (level b) next to our tile

Here is our laundry room vinyl next to our upstairs carpet


  1. Matthew, what is your level and name for the bathroom tile? We have flooring appt on Monday. And was the dark hardwood in any lower levels or just in level c and greater? Thanks!

  2. Hi. The tile is level c and I think it is called Dorian Gray. We have the hardwood on all of the first floor except the great room. Have fun at Rite Rug!

  3. Thanks! May I also ask color choice in great room and upstairs? We are debating to do carpet in great room now since we are a bit over budget. I like that color. I'm gonna blog about our selections in the coming days. I just did a post about our hardwood choice. We were on the fence between Brown Bear & Great Plains (it was the planks next to Brown Bear on the sample). We chose Great Plains only bc I was worried Brown Bear would show too dark & see my toddlers dirt/spills too much & I'd be cleaning floors every day! But I can't find Internet images of Great Plains to see how it truly looks and now I'm nervous. Ugh.

  4. Hi. Our carpet in the great room is Intuitive/101 Shell Island level C and our upstairs is Graystone/106 Venetian Tile level B.

    We also went over budget on our flooring. I really think RH's should have flooring samples in their model homes so the SR can help people make realistic choices before signing on the dotted line.

  5. Thanks Matthew! I am completely in agreement with you on sample flooring at RH (at least maybe 3 from each grade!). Our pricing inflated by a LOT after the appt. Our SR had standard everywhere, vinyl in all bathrooms, & grade A hardwood on main level. She never even really asked us what we thought we may want. Needless to say, we now had to remove the basement extra media room and just do a bathroom rough-in in basement to make up for the extra cost in flooring.

  6. Did anyone look into what the price would be buying direct from Rite Rug? We are about 2 weeks from needing to have our flooring choices completed and it seems like the prices are very high (almost 300%) as compared to buying direct. I'm just trying to weigh the cost benefit of putting in standard flooring and having it done after we move in.

  7. How did your Armstrong Brown Bear Flooring hold up? We go to the design center tomorrow and are considering it! Ally

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