Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Master Selection Sheet - oh, you mean the house does not include all the fun stuff?

Here is what we picked:

Elevation K
Side entry garage (our development requires that most of the houses have this - we didn't have a choice)
Finished basement (this and/or the morning room is typically the incentive and we knew that if we didn't finish the basement before we moved in, we never would)
Interior single french basement door (glass panels) 
Basement bathroom
4' extension to the house
2 extra windows in the dining room and great room
Morning room - this room already has a wall of windows so we opted not to add the extra windows
Kitchen cabinet upgrade
Kitchen island and also the extended kitchen countertop
Kitchen (and owners bathroom) hardware - yep, if you want hardware on your cabinets, you will pay for that
This development includes granite in the kitchen
Hook for a gas stove
A slightly better stove, microwave, and dishwasher (the house doesn't come with a fridge)
Stone fireplace
Upgraded shower in the owners bath - ceramic surround
Upgraded cabinets and granite in the bathrooms (the cost to do this was pretty low)
The house will have oil rubbed bronze fixtures (chrome is standard)
Crown moulding in the foyer and dining room (they also put a chair rail with it)
We are having 2 ceiling fan rough-ins and we had them rough-in a few extra lights
Metal balusters
Hardwood stairs - there was some question as to whether or not they could do this, but it turns out they can (I guess it isn't possible on all of the homes they build)
The floors are listed in our other posts but we decided to pick the hardwood and ceramic we liked - odds are that we will be living with them for a very long time

The last thing we are trying to decide is - should we add a floor drain in the garage?  I've heard good and bad things about having a floor drain in the garage, so we are not sure what to do.  If anyone has any suggestions, we are all ears.

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  1. I felt like I was reading a lot of my own house. Haha. I think we have similar selections. We opted for basement bathroom rough-in though and a white mantel fireplace (hubby is gonna do shadow boxing moulding up to the ceiling after moving in) to save us on costs. Our flooring was about 10K higher than what we thought but the SR put all bathrooms as vinyl. What??!! Yup. So we had to sacrifice in other areas. ;-)