Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dunkirk laundry room

We are building the Dunkirk version 8 (was something wrong with the first 7 versions?) which places the laundry room on the second floor (I think earlier versions had the laundry room in the first floor mud room). 

Two interesting facts we learned about the laundry room:

1.  There is a small cabinet and counter top in the laundry room (when we walked through a Dunkirk we didn't even notice)
2.  The cabinet will be the same color as your kitchen cabinets and you get to pick the laminate top.  Knowing this prior to our flooring selection would have been helpful but it's not a big deal. 

We are just happy that we will no longer be dragging our laundry down to the basement anymore!

Here is a pic of the cabinet and laminate:


  1. Very nice! We have the upstairs laundry in the Naples and it's really great. Our washer and dryer get delivered today. It's going to be like Christmas!