Saturday, December 6, 2014

Guardian appointment

Yesterday we had our meeting with Guardian to decide on cable and phone line placement as well as discuss the other services offered such as security systems, hard-wired speaker systems, central vacuum cleaner, and intercom systems.  

We decided to have them install the wall plates that include the coax, data and HDMI (I think that's right) in the areas we wanted either TVs or where we want to have our wireless router.  Here is a pic I found on the internet of what I think they look like.  

We are not tech savvy so hopefully we made a good choice.  We decided not to have Guardian do the flat panel install.  I'm sure the TV will look just fine sitting on a stand.

The next decision we are struggling with is the security system.  Guardian offers some very cool features through their security system like being able to lock and unlock your doors with a cell phone and controlling the lights and thermostat via cell but we will skip those.  If we get the system, it will be the basic system and perhaps the smoke detectors.  

As for the other services - sound system, intercom, and central vacuum, we are taking a pass.

This was our final vendor appointment so our next apppointment is the pre-construction meeting.

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