Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ryan Homes interior wall paint

If you are building a Ryan Home, I hope you like the color white (or some version of white) because that is what all of the walls are going to be.  It seems as though R.H. varies the shade of white and the manufacturer by region but essentially it is a slightly off-white flat paint for all of their homes.  We are building in NE Ohio and they use Sherwin Williams flat shell white.  My new friend Jeff from NY who built a RH http://rewsienna.blogspot.com (his blog is great) has a similar color but from a different manufacturer.  I think our interior paint will look something like the picture below but I'm not exactly sure.  

The good news is the trim will be a brighter white so there will be some contrast.  

Ryan Homes will give you the option to paint the interior walls a different color flat paint but it costs about $2,000 and the paint choices are not great.  Also, if you do any custom painting, RH will not repaint any walls they fix at the 10 month inspection.

So, we are going to let the house settle and keep the walls this lovely shade of off-white for the first year.


  1. This is the exact shade they painted for us. Luckily our PM has been excellent in that we can paint. They will fix the nail pops and damage but won't touch up with our color. That's fine by us because we would rather touch up ourselves.

    This paint is brutal. If you so much as touch the wall it will leave a mark. Between Comcast and our appliance delivery there are scuffs all over. The trim is painted a stark white so you will have contrast. If you do not have animals or kids you *may* be ok for 10 months! Good luck!

    I will blog tomorrow for you with a pic of the wall next to the trim for you to see.

  2. Thanks for the insight. Your home looks awesome, by the way!

    1. Thank you very much! i can't wait to see your Dunkirk. I'm a huge fan of that floor plan. I love how the kitchen is laid out. The hardwood you guys picked is stunning. I love it! I can't wait to see everything come together.

  3. We're actually in central Virginia, just outside Richmond. As I think I mentioned in the email we initially had planned to do far more painting but the off white isn't bad and we liked the way it looked. We ended up only doing two accent walls downstairs, one in the living room and one in the morning room along with painting all the bedrooms. I think my wife's plan is to eventually do the bathrooms and laundry room too.

  4. Ugh. So we have to sit around for 10 months before we can paint?! I do t know if I can wait!! I'm inpatient. And I have 2 toddlers...do not want to see those scuff marks. :-(

  5. I'm not thrilled about waiting to paint but I think I'm going to focus on the outside for the first year and then paint after the first year. It's a process I guess.

    I actually have a 6 year old and I think I'm just going to follow her around with a can of paint to take care of the scuff marks :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the paint swatch! I was debating on going with the paint package that Ryan was offering, it was a $1500 option for us. (We are building a Florence, in NE Ohio as well!) We did pass on the package even though there was one color I actually liked, Pavilion Beige. We figured it was one less item to roll into our mortgage and we know we would like to do a few different colors of paint instead of one color throughout the whole house. I am looking forward to following your blog as you are just a few steps ahead of us. We have our Pre-Construction meeting tomorrow!

  7. I think you made a good call on the paint. One of the problems with the RH paint is that it's a flat paint. You can't really wash off scuff marks and it doesn't look great. We are just going to wait until after our 10 month inspection and then paint

    Best of luck with your meeting and the build!

  8. Thank you very much! Best wishes to you as well!