Friday, March 20, 2015

The home stretch!

Just over a week until our final walk through and they are down to the final touches. The appliances are in, the lights have been installed and they put the columns on the front porch. Next week they are cleaning the house, painting, installing the temporary driveway and working in grading the lawn. 

Elevation K brochure drawing ...

Real life Elevation K ... Nailed it


  1. It's a great feeling. House looks great. Is your lamp post solid or slightly wobbly?

  2. Many thanks! Not sure about the light post. I will be sure to check next week. Thanks for the tip.

  3. So so beautiful!!!! Best of luck at closing!!

  4. I wanted to leave a comment on your blog to say THANK YOU! We are building a Dunkirk in a development in Medina and saw your post about the hardwood stairs in your home being approved. We had asked for this for several times and kept being told no and that Ryan Homes doesn't put hardwood stairs in any homes in Medina. Once we came across your blog and showed them it can in fact and was done in Ohio none the less, we got a call after our pre-construction meeting telling us they will approve it. We break ground a week from today and can't wait! Thanks for the good information!

  5. Amy, I'm glad you found the blog helpful and fought for your hardwood stairs. They really make the house look nice. The other thing we are glad we asked for was the glass panel door to the basement.

    I hope the building process goes well. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks! We are excited. We actually had the option to add the glass panel door on when we were making selections but opted not to since we will be finishing the basement ourselves in a year or two and didn't want it exposed with the glass but I keep saying that is the one thing I know i'm not going to like...having a solid door after seeing the glass door in the model so since it's too late to add it back our PM told us he would give us the info. for the vendor and we can order it on our own after we move in. We actually are building the same elevation you did....Cottage Style and from the looks of your pictures it seems we may have the same exterior colors as you did, too! Looks great!

  6. Good call on the glass door - glad they gave you the vendors name.

    We are very happy with the elevation and colors, I think you'll like the look. Haepve fin with the process, it goes so fast!